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In the first article we have mentioned three common printing technology for printed ribbon:Silk screen printing,Hot stamping and thermal transfer printing.Today, we will introduce screen printing in detail. This is the most common and simplest printing process in ribbon printing.

What is silk screen printing ribbon? We also call it ink printing.To put it simply, silk screen printing is a screen plate made of screen cloth, the screen cloth is stretched on the screen frame, and the screen plate is made by optical plate making method.Some of the patterns and patterns are hollowed out, and then squeezed by the scraper, so that the ink paste passes through the hollowed-out graphics and English logo patterns, etc., and is transferred to the ribbon substrate to form the same graphics and text as the original. , English logo patterns, etc. This is the approximate print formation of silk screen.

screen printing ribbon

Characteristics of silk screen printing process used for printing ribbons; 

1. Substrate ink is very thick

2. Can be printed with various inks

3. Very low printing pressure

4. Soft layout

5. The shape and size of the substrate are restricted

The pattern logos printed by this screen printing process have a three-dimensional effect, are not easy to fade, have good color fastness, fast shipping, and convenient proofing.

The use of ribbon silk screen. Generally, ribbon silk screen is mainly used for printing on the surface of narrow ribbons such as polyester ribbons, satin ribbons, grosgrain ribbons, and organza ribbons. It is mainly used to print English letter logos and patterns , Pattern, etc.

screen printing ribbon

The ribbons printed by the screen printing process are widely used in clothing and accessories, gift toys, hair accessories, decorative ribbons for birthday cakes, and wedding scene dressing, which has the effect of celebrating and accentuating the atmosphere.

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