DIY Ribbon Flowers!

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DIY Ribbon Flowers


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Simple ribbon rose flower production, the effect is very realistic, can be used as a corsage, can also be used as a head flower, or sewing on other fabric handmade works is also a good choice. Here are the steps to make this realistic ribbon rose. If your friends like it, let ’s learn together!


Material: 15 sections of red organza ribbon, 1 wooden stick, 4 sections of silk green organza ribbon, 1 pair of scissors, 1 lighter, 1 glue gun.


1. The organza ribbon is folded into 15 sections, each section is the same length.




2. Cut off, and the section can be burned with a lighter. Each section is folded into rose petals as shown in the figure.



3. Use a glue gun to overlap each petal to form a string.

4. Roll in from one end and roll on the bottom. Clean up and stick the green ribbon to make the leaves.



A beacutiful organza ribbon flower is finished.Let's see more pictures!



2019-11-29 16:50